PlexDisc 80-Min 52X Liquid Defense Plus

Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R's

PlexDisc 80-Min 52X Liquid Defense Plus Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R's.  Product ID:  PlexDisc 641-C04. 52X record speed capability. The glossy white printable surface is perfectly suited for high- resolution color inkjet printing.  Liquid Defense Plus is a special water and scratch resistant inkjet printable coating. Note:  Because of the extra thickness of this disc due to the glossy, water-resistant surface, this disc may not work with slot-loading devices.  Please note that glossy discs require less ink vs. standard inkjet printable discs.  Therefore, for best printing results, lower/adjust the 'ink saturation' level in your printer's settings. 
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Stock #:  PlexDisc641-C04

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PlexDisc      641-C04   700MB   Glossy Water-Resistant White Inkjet Hub   52X   Shrinkwrap (10-pak) or Cakebox   CD-R
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From PlexDisc’s Product Information: Liquid Defense Plus is a special water and scratch resistant inkjet printable coating applied to a whole range of recordable CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs. It works on all known optical disc inkjet printers and gives the printed disc a very vibrant color with a high gloss finish. The Liquid Defense Plus disc is water resistant, scratch resistant and resists fading, whereas regular inkjet printable discs will bleed or smear when wet, easy to scratch and has a muted matte finish when printed. The Liquid Defense Plus application is an actual coating that is applied during the media manufacturing process. It is not a sticker or label that is applied after the fact like other less reliable inkjet printable discs, which claim to be water resistant and glossy. Mfg Part No: 641-C04 UPC Code: 842378009069 Type: CD-R Capacity: 700MB Speed: 1x - 52x Top Surface: Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable Pieces per Pack: 50 Link to Liquid Defense Plus vs Standard Inkjet Printable Disc video: Link to Liquid Defense Plus - Glossy, Water Resistant CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R Media video:  


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