MAM-A 80-Min 52X Medical Grade Logo-top

Gold Archival CD-R’s

MAM-A 80-Min 52X Medical Grade Logo-top Gold Archival CD-R’s.  Product ID:  MAM-A 45447. Thanks to MAM-A's patented organic phthalocyanine dye, the most technically advanced dye in the world, and to the gold reflective layer, MAM-A Medical Grade Gold Archival CD-R’s give an optimum recording quality and an unequaled precision.  The medical field has used and trusted MAM-A Medical Grade Gold Archival CD-R’s for years.  These DICOM compliant, PACS compatible, FDA certified Medical Grade Gold Archival CD-R’s meet the healthcare industry's strict requirements for data and image storage. Manufactured and packaged under cleanroom conditions and subjected to stringent inspection and testing, MAM-A guarantees each medical grade disc is the finest engineered media available. Medical Grade Logo-top surface, which includes space for labeling with a disc marker.  MAM-A text in hub.
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MAM-A      45447   700MB   Medical Grade Logo Gold   52X   Cakebox   Medical CD-R
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From MAM-A’s Product Information: MAM-A 24 Karat Medical Gold CD-R Features:  •AAA Professional quality  •FDA registered for use in medical applications  •PACS and DICOM compatible;  HIPPA compliant  •Exceeds conventional disc quality  •52x write speed MAM-A Medical CD-R discs have been trusted in the medical field for years.  The inherent stability of MAM's patented phthalocyanine dye means that MAM-A Medical discs last longer than conventional CD-R media.  Our 24 Kt. Gold Medical discs are FDA Certified and PACS compatible. Advantages of MAM-A Medical Discs All the manufacturing and packaging of MAM Medical discs are done under cleanroom conditions.  Every disc undergoes a 100% inspection before it can be shipped.  MAM has rejected random sampling techniques as simply not stringent enough for medical applications.  This is our guarantee to the user that each MAM Medical disc is the finest engineered media available. Accelerated aging studies project longevity of our 24 Kt. Gold CD-R of more than 300 years, far in excess of any legally mandated archive period.  The dye formulation also provides excellent performance at the high recording speeds used in medical applications.  MAM Medical discs are certified for use in all high speed CD & DVD recorders. The DICOM Standard The DICOM (Digital Information and Communications in Medicine) Standard is a set of rules that allow medical images and associated information to be exchanged between imaging equipment, computers and hospitals.  The standard establishes a common language that permits medical data produced on one vendor's machine to be available for use on the digital system of another vendor.  The DICOM Standard evolved through meetings between medical imaging companies (represented through the National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and representatives from major medical societies including the American College of Cardiology, American College of Echocardiography, European Society of Cardiology, and the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.
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